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svn commit: r405 - trunk/www/support.html

Author linus
Full name Linus Tolke
Date 2011-05-23 12:44:34 PDT
Message Author: linus
Date: 2011-05-23 12:44:34-0700
New Revision: 405


Added German support page.

Added: trunk/www/support.html
Url: http://argouml-de.ti​gris.org/source/brow​se/argouml-de/trunk/​www/support.html?vie​w=markup&pathrev​=405
--- (empty file)
+++ trunk/www/support.html 2011-05-23 12:44:34-0700
@@ -0,0 +1,188 @@
+<!-- $Id: support.html 17806 2010-01-12 18:21:28Z linus $ -->
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type"
+ content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
+<meta name="keywords"
+ content="ArgoUML, Argo, UML, Unified Modeling Language, modeling, modelling, support, MDA, model-driven, software architecture, software methods, software engineering, CASE, Java, XML, OCL, object, technology">
+<title>Support for ArgoUML</title>
+<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
+<div class="h1">
+<p>This is supposed to be the German version of the support page, i.e.
+an adaptation of the
+<a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/support.html">English</a>
+support page. Added by Linus as a placeholder for the translation work.
+<h1>Support for ArgoUML</h1>
+<p>The project team offers daily support on many channels:
+<a href="#issuezilla">issue tracking</a>,
+<a href="#mailinglist"​>email</a>,
+<a href="#forum">for​um</a>,
+<a href="#wiki">wiki</a> and
+<a href="#chat">chat</a>.
+Depending on your need, some of these possibilities are more suitable then others.
+Check the following questions to find what fits best in your case. In the end,
+there's no right or wrong: you are free to choose how to ask for support.</p>
+<p><b>Do you need any help with ArgoUML beyond the documentation?</b​></p>
+<p>A structured knowledge base for any help is available with the <a href="#forum">for​um</a>.
+This allows for a quick research if a similar question with a helpful answer is already
+there. If not, ask there to make sure the solution to your problem is achived and
+easily found in future.</p>
+<p>In urgent cases join the user mailing list and state your request via
+<a href="#mailinglist"​>email</a>, no matter if others asked the same question before.
+Searching the mailing archive is possible, too.</p>
+<p><b>Have you discovered a problem and consider reporting it?</b></p>
+<p>Bugs and other issues with ArgoUML are to be recorded and tracked in the
+<a href="#issuezilla">issue tracking</a> database, which is easy to use. This
+contributes best to the further development of ArgoUML!</p>
+<p>If you want to check first, if it's a known problem, you can search this
+database first, or ask about it in the <a href="#forum">for​um</a> or by
+<a href="#mailinglist"​>email</a>.​</p>
+<p><b>Are you looking for additional resources?</b></p>
+<p>Definitely the best places for more stuff is the <a href="#wiki">wiki</a>
+(including links to the actual documentation), and maybe also the
+<a href="#forum">for​um</a>. And if you have enough time and want to contact
+other ArgoUML people, join our IRC channel and have a nice
+<a href="#chat">chat​</a>.</p​>
+<p><b>Do you want to share knowledge that might be of general interest?</b></p>
+<p>For this we have established the <a href="#wiki">wiki</a>, where a much wider
+audience can contribute. This allows for more practical topics, and also the
+consideration of any context of ArgoUML like integrating with other tools, UML
+in general, software development methodologies or many more.</p>
+<p>Next you will find some further description and link to the various support channels.</p>
+<div class="h2">
+<h2><a name="issuezilla"​></a>Issue Tracking</h2>
+<a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/project_bugs.h​tml">
+<img src="images/support_​issuezilla.gif" alt="Issuezilla" align="right" width="191" height="159">
+<p>If you have any issue with ArgoUML, you can visit our
+<a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/project_bugs.h​tml">bugs and issues database</a>
+(http://argouml.tigri​s.org/project_bugs.h​tml/) and search the entries. If you
+find there's no entry for your particular issue, you can create a new one.
+This is not only for reporting bugs, but also for enhancement requests or, even
+better, patches.</p>
+<p>As a prerequisite for editing, you must
+<a href="http://www.tigris.or​g/servlets/Join">register</a> at the Tigris
+website, and log in. To be able to make any change to existing issues, you
+have to <a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/servlets/Proje​ctMembershipRequest">
+apply</a> for an Observer role in the ArgoUML project and get it granted.
+<p>The project team welcomes you to this issue tracking database and appreciates your
+contribution! You can even vote for issues, see the issues with the most votes
+<a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/issues/buglist​.cgi?Submit+query=Su​bmit+query&issue​_status=NEW&issu​e_status=STARTED​&issue_status=REOPEN​ED&email1=&e​mailtype1=exact&​emailassigned_to1=1​&email2=&emai​ltype2=exact&ema​ilreporter2=1&is​sueidtype=include​&issue_id=&chan​gedin=&votes=​&chfieldfrom=&c​hfieldto=Now&chf​ieldvalue=&short​_desc=&short_des​c_type=substring​&long_desc=&long​_desc_type=substring​&issue_file_loc=​&issue_file_loc_​type=substring&s​tatus_whiteboard=​&status_whiteboard_​type=substring&f​ield0-0-0=votes&​type0-0-0=greatertha​n&value0-0-0=20​&cmdtype=doit​&order=Reuse+same+so​rt+as+last+time">here</a>.
+<div class="h2">
+<h2><a name="mailinglist"​></a>Email​</h2>
+<a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/servlets/Summa​rizeList?listName=us​ers">
+<img src="images/support_​mailinglist.gif" alt="Mailing list" align="right" width="205" height="121">
+<p>For direct contact, you could use the
+<a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/servlets/Summa​rizeList?listName=us​ers">Users' mailing list</a>
+Subscription is required for sending mails to it.<p>
+<p>This is the discussion list for users of ArgoUML. Typical topics of this list
+are how I use ArgoUML in my day to day work, features and quirks in the latest
+stable version of ArgoUML, and how best to install ArgoUML. Discussions in English.
+Please consult the <a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/faqs/users.htm​l">FAQ</a>
+before posting. You must subscribe to be allowed to send mails to the list.</p>
+<p>See your message making its way directly to the desk of the developers and
+other users, get them talk to you via email! You could also browse and search
+through the mailing list database to see if your topic was already discussed.
+A more advanced way for searching our mail archives is provided by MarkMail:
+see <a href="http://argouml.markmail.org/">our indexed mails at MarkMail</a>
+(http://argouml.markmail.org/). MarkMail is a free service for searching
+mailing list archives, with huge advantages over traditional search engines.</p>
+<div class="h2">
+<h2><a name="forum"><​/a>Forum</h2​>
+<a href="http://www.argouml-u​sers.net/forum" target="forum">
+<img src="images/support_forum.gif" alt="Forum" align="right" width="214" height="119">
+<p>A <a href="http://www.argouml-u​sers.net/forum" target="forum">User's forum</a>
+(http://www.argouml-u​sers.net/forum) is ready for you to search, discuss and
+exchange information with developers or other users of ArgoUML. (Currently, this
+is in English, but feel free to ask for any language subforum.)</p>
+<p>This is ideal for you to get in touch with developers and users if you
+like a browser based communication structured hierarchically more than the
+exchange of messages via your mail account. Do anonymous research, and
+register for a free account to write to the forum.</p>
+<div class="h2">
+<h2><a name="wiki"></​a>Wiki</h2>​
+<a href="http://www.argouml-users.net/" target="wiki">
+<img src="images/support_wiki.gif" alt="Wiki" align="right" width="226" height="113">
+<p>Contribute to the <a href="http://www.argouml-users.net/" target="wiki">Wiki</a>
+if you are an experienced user and have to say something. Help extending it! Of course
+you can just browse the topics to find out new things about ArgoUML, from a different
+<p>The wiki does not explain the usage of ArgoUML like the
+<a href="http://argouml.tigri​s.org/documentation/​">user documentation</a>,
+but it sheds light on the context of ArgoUML: special uses, user stories,
+tutorials, extensions and whatever users find important to know about the
+<div class="h2">
+<h2><a name="chat"></​a>Chat</h2>​
+<a href="irc://irc.free​node.net/argouml" target="chat">
+<img src="images/support_irc.gif" alt="IRC" align="right" width="192" height="71">
+<p>Join the <a href="irc://irc.free​node.net/argouml"​>#argouml</a> IRC channel
+at Freenode, if you directly want to talk with the team or other users.
+<p>The chat is the right place if you either want to know the peoble behind the
+sofware, or if you need a direct dialog for your topic of interest. Please be
+aware that team members appear daily, but are not present everytime of the
+<hr align="CENTER">
+<p>Back to <a href="http://argouml.tigris.org/">ArgoUML Home</a>

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